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Homeward Bound

In the recent weeks since our last edition of

Guernsey Property, we’ve noticed an upturn in new

enquires from former residents now planning on

returning to Guernsey, some of whom had enjoyed

Island Life many years ago and for various reasons

had to fulfil obligations elsewhere. Over the years

it’s been interesting to observe the ebb and flow

of relocations and whilst new arrivals invariably

settle in very happily and often wonder why they

didn’t take the plunge earlier, the question that

I have been asked is why anyone would leave?

After all, even if Guernsey is used as a base for

tireless globetrotters, it does offer a safe and

reliably familiar home to return to. The answers

have always been extremely genuine and whether

that has been to spend more time with grand

children or infirmed relatives in far flung countries

that have influenced theirs decisions or business

commitments that have required another stint

in the smoke. Either way, as the distribution of

our publication reaches many of those former

residents, I extend our warm welcome should you

be on the threshold of returning once again to the

Island and as you will see from the following pages,

this editions offers a varied selection of property

for all tastes. Guernsey still, offers the same safe

seclusion that adds to the relaxed way of life

but price fluctuations in recent years have now

provided better buying opportunities than seen for

a long time. We look forward to meeting entirely

fresh applicants and more of the familiar faces from

the past alike.

Ross Le Marquand

The following pages display only a selection of our open market properties.

To view our full portfolio, please contact one of our negotiators.