Inconclusive fall in average house prices

14th May 2015

The States calculated mix-adjusted average price of a local market property between January and March 2015 was £445,923 - 3.5% lower than the previous quarter and 1.6% lower than the same quarter of 2014.

The fact these figures couple with a drop in house sales may have a bearing, as 116 house sales on an island wide housing stock in excess of 20,000 is too low a ratio for any certainty.

The States itself qualifies these figures “as only representing one point in time” and say “no conclusions or trends should be taken from them.” Statistics alone cannot fully reflect the nuances of Guernsey’s housing market and nearly 40 households moving house every month remains a sustainable level of activity. Contact Cooper Brouard’s sales negotiators on 236039 or for realistic advice on current market values in your part of the market.