Island Development Plan Review

29th July 2013

The States Environment Dept has issued a public booklet outlining key messages, issues and options as part of the consultation process in its ongoing review of the Rural Area and Urban Area Plans.

There is also a ‘Call for Sites’ where the public can suggest land larger than 0.6 vergees/0.25 acres suitable for development of 5 or more housing units in and around the edges of main or local centres. Sites of any size will be considered for uses other than housing.

All this is explained in detail in the public booklet available at Frossard House in La Charroterie and at 12 information sessions scheduled to be held at prominent retail and community locations around the island between 29th July and 10th August 2013. The booklet can also be downloaded at

The public booklet is designed to “stimulate thought and discussion” and responses to the points raised in the booklet and to the ‘Call for Sites’ should be made no later than 13th September 2013.