Growing interest following auction of prime agricultural land

Seven higher-parish fields were divided into four lots, at the end of June, when Cooper Brouard held an auction at The Farmhouse Hotel that drew active bidding from a crowd of 70 people.

Fields generate a lot of interest in a part of the market that attracts both open and local market buyers, with all four lots soon exceeding their reserve prices before being sold to four separate bidders.

Cooper Brouard’s Liz Mauger is especially knowledgeable on agricultural land use and values and she received an increased number of enquiries prior to and since the auction. “Offers have subsequently been accepted on 5 more fields to individuals for equestrian use or looking to create a family allotment, a wilding or pollinator project or fields with geographical significance. Naturally, a number of factors affect the value of land including access, ground levels, drainage and location.”

Ben McVey also assisted auctioneer Trevor Cooper and commented,

With the high number of enquiries from prospective purchasers for their own use or investment, now is a good time to investigate selling agricultural land.

To talk about land and fields in particular, contact the Cooper Brouard team on 236039, or email

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