Cooper Brouard partner with Grow Limited

We are really pleased to have partnered with Grow Limited, a Guernsey based charity that provide a career in horticulture or related craft industries for people with learning and other disabilities.

They aim to provide a safe and secure working environment allowing employees to build up their self respect and confidence levels by being able to work and interact within our community.

Grow are helping us provide environmentally sustainable gifts to our clients which are plastic free and great for pollinators, indoor or outdoor depending on the property that is sold or let.

Emma Le Cloarec from our marketing and admin team said:

We have been pushing to provide a service that has a better impact on the environment, and supporting a charity like Grow that can produce sustainable gifts for our clients is a fantastic way to do so!

In addition, providing a gift from Grow to new people that have moved to the island will also help build awareness of the charity. They will be able to see the quality of arrangements that are produced by people with learning difficulties and hopefully lead to more people supporting them.

To learn more about Grow, click here to take a look at their website.

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