Lets for pets

We always check with our landlords about whether or not they are open to tenants having pets. In some cases it’s just not practical, for example, a small flat isn’t going to be the best environment for a large dog.

However, because we specialise in matching people to properties, we can sometimes negotiate for pets to be allowed. Property owners want good, reliable tenants so if someone ticks all of the other boxes, but also has a pet, the landlord may be open to accommodating them.

Rentals property is in high demand at the moment, and much of it is matched and let before it even gets advertised. Our advice to tenants is to register with us and give full information about your pets’ needs.

For landlords, it may pay to be open to people with pets as you could find that they are the best match for your property. To make this process an easy one, let your property with Cooper Brouard – we do all of the leg work for you and you can be sure that we will find responsible, reliable tenants that you are happy with.

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