Hello Megan

Megan Chipperfield has joined our Open Market team after working in Trust for the past four years. Her experience managing property portfolios during that time sparked her interest in the industry.

Megan has a straightforward, friendly approach, and she wasted no time in getting out of the office to meet new and well-known clients. She aims to bring a fresh approach to how we market property and reach out to the wealth of expertise on the island to connect the right people and offer the best advice.

My aim was to spend more time in a client-facing role as this is where my skills lie. I thrive working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Cooper Brouard has provided a supportive, nurturing environment, and my first month in this new role has been exciting.

Looking to the future, Megan is considering how to evolve to communicate with the newest generation of people relocating to Guernsey.

With her partner Harry and their two cats, Maverick and Goose (named before they watched the famous movie), they live close to town. Megan enjoys barre, pilates, and boxing, as well as cocktail hour with her friends on Fridays.

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