Le Cas Rouge



  • Open Market
  • Sold by Cooper Brouard

Cooper Brouard are delighted to have successfully sourced and discreetly completed the sale of Le Cas Rouge.

This magnificent country house with its fabulous walled gardens is located in lovely rural lanes close to the south coast cliffs and proved the perfect home for the discerning buyers.

To benefit from Cooper Brouard’s confidential buying and selling services, please contact one of our sales team.

  • Forest

Formerly known as Trinity, Forest takes its name from its once densely-wooded habitat. The parish is the highest in the island and includes dramatic parts of Guernsey’s south-coast network of cliff paths, best accessed from Le Gouffre. There is a honeycomb of hedge-lined lanes and an enchanting valley down to Petit Bôt Bay, with the charming hamlet of Le Variouf above.

The German Occupation Museum near the parish church is as much for locals as it is visitors, and the family-owned Forest Stores is delightfully retrospective, yet a must for the island’s best family kitchens. The community spirited and award-winning Forest Floral Group is tireless in enhancing the parish they see as a gateway to the island, in the form of Guernsey’s modern airport.

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